Seam & Blossom


The district of Wanhua is one of the oldest settlements in Taipei. You can even say that the prosperity of Taipei has its origins in Wanhua. Indeed, the two art installations “Blossom” and “Seam”, which can be viewed in front of Wanhua Train Station, were inspired by the garment trade that was the prevailing business in the early development of the district. We have taken the “lines”, the basic element of fabric, as the overall concept, in order to try and present Wanhua’s historical context from an artistic perspective.

The diameter of artwork’s base is approximately 2.6 meters while it is 6 meters high. Its figure resembles the act of taking a spool of silk thread and letting it drape down. It naturally forms some round curves on approaching the ground, which shows the particular soft feature of the textile. The part that is open is akin to the gesture of lifting up a drape, inviting people to enter and to experience it. The whole installation is in the shape of a blossom, echoing the connotation of the term “Wanhua”, which means “prosperous for millions of years”. The word “Hua” originally referred to flowers.

“Seam” can be regarded as a landscape, but it also can be seen as street furniture. 36 curves, which are 150 centimeters long, 12 centimeters wide and 45 centimeters high, spread out into the square. They crisscross like the lines of longitude and latitude, interweaving the texture of Wanhua’s history and echoing its past when apparel businesses flourished here. Through “Seam”, we hope to seam present time/space and past history together.

These two artworks adopt stainless steel to present the soft texture of fabric. The flowing lighting at night implies the dynamic features of “Blossom” and “Seam”, and endows them with a sense of movement.



CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Yu Yu-Ling
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Coordinator|LIN Chih-Hung
Engineer|WU Zonn
Design Execution|WU Ping-Sheng, LEE Yi-Ting
Light Design| WU Ping-Sheng
Technical Team|SYU Wei-Ting, LAI Ying-Hsiang, KU Shin-Hung, KUO Tzu-Yung, CHEN Li-bang, CHEN Chao-Hua, YANG Ming-Da
Documentary|Tsao Heng-Cheng


Wanhua No. 7 Plaza


Public Works Department, Taipei City Government