Infinite Amplifier


This artwork is the form of street furniture and a toy and is situated in an urban green belt space. We have combined six metal boxes of different sizes to make an enlarged version of a synthesizer. By playing with the knobs and buttons, the users can produce various melodies while also changing their speed. This signifies Taiwan as the hub of the Mandarin pop music scene. Whatever their race or language, musicians can express themselves freely through musical creation. The Infinite Amplifier, which is like the sea taking in all its rivers’ contents, can accept all input and create infinite possibilities.


CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Yu Yu-Ling
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Coordinator|LIN Chih-Hung
Design Execution|WU Ping-Sheng, WANG LIang, LAI Ying-Hsiang
Music & Light Design|WU Ping-Sheng
Graphic Design|LEE Yi-Ting
Technical Team|SYU Wei-Ting, KU Shin-Hung, KUO Tzu-Yung, CHEN Chao-Hua, TU Iang, CHOU Max, CHEN Wen-Yi
Documentary|Tsao Heng-Cheng


Taipei Music Center


Ministry of Culture / Department of Culture Affairs, Taipei City Government