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There’s Central Park in Manhattan, New York; while there’s also Daan Forest Park in Taipei. Parks are the heart of a city, providing the oxygen lifeblood for its citizens. As one of the significant elements of Taipei’s living space, the fusion style of how Daan Forest Park combines urban culture, eco nature and the technological arts, aims to flip the traditional forest park blueprint, to create the multiple values of life and nature, and to show a new style of Taipei living.

To reach this long-term goal, the “Taiwan Grass Channel” project re-discovers the history of waterway irrigation, together with a series of technological arts interaction designs along the riverbank, in turning the agricultural traces from the past into a contemporary sustainable ecology and remolding the cultural eco landscape of Daan Forest Park. Under the macroscopic structure of “Taiwan Grass Channel”, “Taipei Eco Gym” is hoping to “nourish a forest with the energy of a city”, to combine a symbiosis eco technique with a series of technological art interaction installations full of cultural connotation. It invites citizens to come, to release themselves from the pressure of work, to relax and take exercise. At the same time, it also provides nutrition to the whole forest.

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CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Chang Yung-Cheng, Yu Yu-Ling
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Manager|Lin Chih-Hung
Programming|Shih Ruey-Ning, Wu Shuo-En, Tsai Tai-Chen
Design Team|Tsai Chen-Huan
Technical Team|Chen Li-Bang、Chong Cheng

In cooperation with
Artist|Chiu Chao-Tsai
Environmental Arts Design
Medialand Digital Strategy Limited


Taipei Daan Forest Park


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