Flowing Forest


Flowing Forest: A Symphony of Water and Life
Water is the source of and essential to life. The distribution of the water systems constructs a country’s biological diversity. In Taiwan, the Dajia river basin is the most abundant river. Its water vein of a winding 3886 meters has long nourished various and diverse landscapes and eco systems along the way. Inspired by this, “Flowing Forest” hopes to interpret the multiple faces of water via the method of the technological arts.

noiseKitchen Art adopts creative elements, such as sound, light, structural music and real water, to showcase the various faces of water from the sky to the earth. The three-dimensional waterfall image echoes the ever-flowing water of the mountains, and also symbolizes the crisscrossing waterways. The meticulously-controlled Suikinkutsu produce various sounds by directly using water. Above their heads, people can see 264 sets of crystal lithophones in the shape of water drops, in which there is alternate flowing light and shadow. It chimes with people’s imagination towards water while being also like floating clouds high up in the sky. In the past, countless artists have expressed their feelings about water through poetry, painting, music and dance, while noiseKitchen Art tries to create a brand-new interpretation of water through the method of the technological arts.

White clouds and the blue seas are water. Morning dew and rivers are both water, too. They are all made of water and their forms are ever-changing. Streams from the mountains converge into rivers. Along the way, it can turn into a moonlit waterfall or pearl-like spring water. When it descends down onto the plain, it might flow into lakes or the sea, or into waterways and merge into people’s daily life. Splashing, gurgling, burbling and babbling, there are numerous ways to describe the sound of water. When water flows, it makes all different kinds of sound. Water also reflects fascinating colors. Sometimes it is as transparent as crystal, while it can also be deep and unfathomable. The images, sounds and colors of water provide unlimited possibilities for creation. This artwork is hoping that, through the refraction of light and crystal water, visitors can see and hear the trickling flowing water.


CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Chang Sung-Cheng
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Manager|Lin Chih-Hung
Design Team|Lee Yi-Ting, Wu Ping-Sheng, Pan Yo-Hwa
Technical Team|Chen Li-Bang, Syu Wei-Ting, Jhan Shu-Chien, Chang Yen-cheng, Lin Yan-Xiang, Zhong Cheng, Tsai Tai-Chen

Special Thanks
Kun’s Crystal


2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition, Forest Expo Site


Cogitoimage Internationial Co., Ltd.