Illuminated House


“Illuminated House” combines the musical element of Summer Lei’s works with the new media art approach that is noiseKitchen’s expertize. This project is inspired by Summer Lei’s 2006 musical work “Illuminated House”, which reveals the stories and affection that an old house can carry within. This artwork takes elements of what happened in the house where Summer Lei grew up to create a space for memory using media such as animation. The design of the space is similarly inspired by Summer Lei’s memory of living in her house when she was little. It features a model of a Japanese bungalow, surrounded by a simulated natural environment of mountain and forest. The design concept combines warmth and tranquility, yet is both lively and childlike in its aim to fill the artwork with vitality.

The major visual presentation of “Illuminated House” is the silhouette on the wall and the memory of space. Summer Lei’s music serves as the backbone of the installation, combining with the changes in light created by the lighting and the house itself to display a space of memory as well as of imagination. On the four-by-four meter surface, we position “Drop”, a Bluetooth sound system made by noiseKitchen, as well as a small electronic glockenspiel “Ciao Ciao BAR” as the media to produce sound. We adopt a computer program to control the electronic musical instruments that go with the visual content. The self-made musical instruments and the dynamic mechanism are automatically controlled, which makes the whole artwork more lively and intriguing.

The co-creation of “Illuminated House” with Summer Lei is a trans-disciplinary cooperation between pop music and new media arts that derives a new text. Through this brand-new art exhibition, we hope that this creation can stir up the audience’s deeply buried memories and thus enable them to recall typical yet precious everyday experiences from the past. This is what noiseKitchen Art Co., Ltd. has hoped to achieve from the very beginning.


Original story|Lei Summer
Animation|Lin Hsin

CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Artistic Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Chang Yung-Cheng
Exhibition Design|Tsai Chen-Huan
Senior Engineer |Shih Ruey-Ning
Sound Design|Wu Ping-Sheng
Subcontractor|Huang Min-Yi
Technical Team|Lin Pei-Chen, Lin Chih-Hung, Wu Chia-Chun


M4B Rice Wine Factory, Huashan1914 – Creative Park


Ministry of Culture