“Organ Bike” originated from a collaborative project between noiseKitchen and the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in 2013: “Trans-boundary Creation of Digital Technology and Visual Arts”. In this project, we produced a mechanical pipe organ and put it onto a mobile platform to tour around Taiwan. The pipe organ music is pre-arranged, the sonification and structure move along with the music. The performing mechanism itself is an entire piece of dynamic sculpture.

The design for the platform got its inspiration from ice-cream tricycles, and thus the performance attempts to simulate the ice-cream tricycles of childhood memory. Ice-cream tricycles attempt to bring joy at a specific time and place with the people surrounding them often smiling radiantly. We would like to represent this atmosphere through the performance of this musical mechanism.


CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Artistic Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Hsu Chien-Huan
Senior Engineer Shih Ruey-Ning
Technical Team|Lin Chih-Hung, Lin Pei-Chen


Digital Art Center, Taipei


National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts