Mushroom Bells x National Theater & Concert Hall


As the glowing mushroom bells are awoken when being struck, a gradation of multiple color lights leads to a magical prelude. With the urging of the beats, the elves awake, signifying that the magical moment is about to begin.

Through technology, you can awaken this interactive installation. The gradation of lights initiates the magic, and the interactive beats strikes the imagination towards the magical. When it is playing automatically, the beating structure inside the installation can make each little mushroom shiver. This mimicking illusion stimulates the imagination back into reality, while the crystal-like beats add a tiny childlike and magical movement to the history of the National Theater and Concert Hall.


CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Yu Yu-Ling
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Manager|Lin Chih-Hung
Programming|Wu Shuo-En
Installation Design|Liu Chun-Yu
Inatallation Making|Syu Wei-Ting, Chen Li-bang
Lighting Design|Wu Ping-Sheng
Documentary|Tsao Heng-Cheng”


National Theater & Concert Hall