Carnival of the Animals x Big Contributions from Small Soldiers


Carnival of the Animals

We have taken the animals in Guandu Nature Park as our protagonists and turned the cruel reality that they encounter into a black comedy. We present the results in various corners at Guandu Station.

When people come across these animals, maybe they will be surprised or find it amusing. But we would prefer that behind the sarcasm, they see the environmental issues that concern us. The predicaments these animals are exposed to are not singular events; they are crises that can trigger serious chain reactions. If people do not reflect thoroughly and act accordingly, we will eventually face a much harsher reality.

Bronze is the main material used in these artworks to present the various postures of the animals. Accessories such as plastic bags, gas masks and garbage are presented in their own realistic but colorful way. The intention behind this contrast between material and color is to highlight man-made crises. The artworks present environmental issues by way of small-scale sculptures, so that animals who are unable to speak for themselves can have their own silent protest. Accordingly, we hope to attract attention to our deteriorating ecology and environment.
Big Contributions from Small Soldiers

Visually inspired by the green soldiers of the classic “Army Men” toys, and taking their language for our stylistic vocabulary, we turned these two metro stations into a world of Army Men. The soldiers are fulfilling various tasks and are devoted to maintenance and upkeep of the world. Be it scouting, repairing, marching or doing drills, they focus on the mission at hand and are not distracted by the many passengers passing by. You may not notice them, but they are indispensible.

At Fuxinggang Station, we present a hidden world in quasi-theater form for passengers to randomly encounter. The appearance of the soldiers serves as a reminder to those people passing-by to notice the myriad military units contributing to our lives, and the military and historical significance of Fuxinggang Station itself.

The soldiers are well equipped with items such as binoculars and multipurpose backpacks. They are engaged in various tasks in different circumstances and settings. The only consistent theme is their military spirit: “Camaraderie, honesty and honor.”


CEO |Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Art Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Yu Yu-Ling
Materials Manager|Lin Pei-Chen
Technical Manager|Lin Chih-Hung
Design Concept|Liu Chun-Yu, Lee Yi-Ting
Web UI Design|Lee Yi-Ting
Animation & Documentary|Tsao Heng-Cheng
In cooperation with
Sculpture Creation|Glorious Golden Art Company Limited
Web Develope|Chen Yi-Ya
Special Thanks
Guandu Nature Park ,
Taiwan Environmental Information Center ,
Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan ,
PTS Our Island


Taipei Metro Guandu Station & Fuxinggang Station