Project proposal|Six Field Beating


In 2014, noiseKitchen participated in the Taiwan Traditional Theater Center’s Public Arts Installation Project and entered “Six Field Beating” for public selection.
For the design concept of “Six Field Beating”, we examined the various genres of Taiwanese traditional drama and determined the main trait to highlight it overall was music. Therefore, we chose the music and musical instruments of traditional drama to be the major theme in the presentation of our artwork while merging this with a new media art approach with a Taiwanese flavor, together with a new composition and visual display. We hoped that through this cross-disciplinary method, we could create a new performance style with Taiwanese characteristics. Visually, besides the aesthetic presentation, we intended to fascinate visitors at first sight. Auditory-wise, the visitors were not only able to have a pleasant music experience, but could also come across the characteristics of the music of traditional drama. The artwork itself has the flowing capacity of a performance. With different permutations and combinations, it can be transformed into numerous ways of presentation.

The artworks of noiseKitchen are usually very practical and invite conversation. Through the most suitable approaches for the audience, we intended to help them appreciate the coordination of technology and art in our artworks. We thus hoped that with our past experience, methodology and capability, along with this combination of traditional drama, Chinese music and new media arts, we would be able to create a new style performance artwork with warmth and so guide an audience that came along for the ride into knowing the ropes as insiders.


Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center