Music Tailor Shop


In 2016, noiseKitchen was invited to participate at the “Green Ripple: Flipping Action Ready Go” at Eslite Park Lane by CMP. We set up an exhibition in the pond area in the B2 courtyard at Eslite Park Lane. This exhibition combined the creative design of the CMP Eslite Team, the “Melodi Cabinet” by noiseKitchen and twelve sets of “Ciao Ciao BAR” glokenspiel into the exhibition entitled “Music Tailor Shop”.

In the exhibition “Music Tailor Shop”, along with using computer tablets to make several “Ciao Ciao BAR” glockenspiels that were hung from this high-ceiling space to auto-play eight kinds of various melodies, the visitors could also utilize the tiny drawers of the “Melodi Cabinet”, each with different pitches, when interacting with this installation.


CEO|Huang Wen-Hao
Technical Director|Lin Wei-Yuan
Artistic Director|Wang Chung-Kun
Project Manager|Chang Yung-Cheng
Senior Engineer |Shih Ruey-Ning


Park Lane by CMP B2


Park Lane by CMP